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S.S. MeganticS.S. Megantic

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SS Megantic was a UK transatlantic ocean liner that was built in Ireland and launched in 1908. She was one of a pair of sister ships that were ordered in 1907 by Dominion Line but completed for White Star Line.

Before the First World War her regular route was between Liverpool and Quebec City. She and her sister Laurentic were the largest ships on the route between Great Britain and Canada.

In the First World War Megantic escaped a submarine in 1915 and was a troop ship from 1915.

Megantic was refitted in 1919 and 1924. In the 1920s and early 1930s her duties were a mixture of liner services and cruising. In 1928 Megantic's regular route was between Great Britain and New York.

Megantic was laid up in 1931 and scrapped in 1933.